How Does This Work? 90% of the information is on this single page.

We start with you making your appointment for the Behavior Evaluation. We talk about your goals, the issues and what method will be best for your dog to learn what is expected from them. Every dog is different just like every owner has different issues pertaining to behavior and training needs, so quoting how much the training or what program would best fit for you over the phone would be difficult.




  • Jumping on guests/ public people
  • Crate training/ house boundaries
  • Potty training/ specific areas
  • Nipping/Mouthing
  • Lunging/ Socializing
  • Jumping/ Barking
  • Aggression/ Fear Issues
  • Anxiety/ Nervousness


  • Focus, & Stay (Home & Public)
  • Down  & Place (Home & Public)
  • Heel Command (Home & Public)
  • Come Command (Home & Public)
  • Emergency down/ recall (Public)
  • Learn duration, distraction & distance
  • Teach verbal & hand signal control
  • Off Leash capability for parks, beaches and neighborhood control


  • Learn calm & fun skills.
  • Combining obedience & modification.
  • Efficient techniques & training.
  • Get to the core reasons of issues.
  • Know the natural & true way to train.
  • Every dog is different, so is our training.
  • Reward & praise training with a balance.
  • Learn leash language & communication.




  • Find the best method of training.
  • Learn how to reinforce the training.
  • How to overcome stresses & anxieties.
  • See a change happen the first lesson.
  • Learn why dogs do what they do.
  • Let me help you find results.
  • Discuss the truth behind techniques & tools, why they do & don't work.


  • Comfortable home just like yours.
  • 24/7 Day & night supervision.
  • Training yard & potty yard.
  • Weekly updates on training
  • Training for results, not time.
  • Training is in home & public visits.
  • Off-Leash reliable training, for those "just in case moments.


  • One-on-One training starting in your home.
  • Learn home & public training.
  • Personal coaching for you to teach your dog. 
  • Tailored made programs for individual dogs. 
  • Customize your schedule for lessons.
  • Pay by the performance, not the time. 
  • Off-Leash reliable training, for those "just in case moments.