dog training kirkland

How Does This Work?

We start with you making your appointment for the Behavior Evaluation. This will be about an hour or so with us getting to know you and your pup. We talk about your goals, the issues and what method will be best for your dog to learn what is expected from them.



Puppy Training

Puppy Management is the proper way to get you and your new family member on the right track BEFORE issues rise. Get started on potty training, crate training, basic obedience and house rules.

Private In-Home Program $595- $895 (Price varies per situation)

  • Lesson 1 Behavior Modification
  • ***Sit, Focus
    Done at home

  • Lesson 2 Down
  • *** Stay & Place Command
    Done at home

  • Lesson 3 Heel
  • ***Door Perimeter
    Done at home

  • Lesson 4 Come Command
  • ***Vehicle Safety
    Done at home

  • Lesson 5 Emergency Down
  • ***Stay/ release
    Done in public

  • Lesson 6 Heel Left & Right
  • ***Leave It
    Done in public

  • Lesson 7 Down/ Stay in public
  • ***Polite greetings
    Done in public

  • Lesson 8 Come Command
  • ***Long distance
    Done in public