• Jumping on guests/ public people
  • Crate training/ house boundaries
  • Potty training/ specific areas
  • Nipping/Mouthing
  • Lunging/ Socializing
  • Jumping/ Barking
  • Aggression/ Fear Issues
  • Anxiety/ Nervousness


  • Focus, & Stay (Home & Public)
  • Down  & Place (Home & Public)
  • Heel Command (Home & Public)
  • Come Command (Home & Public)
  • Emergency down/ recall (Public)
  • Learn duration, distraction & distance
  • Teach verbal & hand signal control
  • Off Leash capability for parks, beaches and neighborhood control


  • Learn calm & fun skills.
  • Combining obedience & modification.
  • Efficient techniques & training.
  • Get to the core reasons of issues.
  • Know the natural & true way to train.
  • Every dog is different, so is our training.
  • Reward & praise training with a balance.
  • Learn leash language & communication.




  • One-on-One training starting in your home.
  • Learn home & public training.
  • Personal coaching for you to teach your dog. 
  • Tailored made programs for individual dogs. 
  • Customize your schedule for lessons.
  • Pay by the performance, not the time. 
  • Off-Leash reliable training.


  • Expand skill sets after private lessons.
  • Learn socialization around behaved dogs.
  • Use verbal & hand signals for emergencies.
  • Public etiquette for other people & dogs.
  • Proper training equipment skills.
  • Learn body language and cues.
  • Certificate of Completion after all is done!


  • Puppy S.T.A.R-program designed to get puppies off to a good start.
  • CGC & CGCA-CGC is a ten-skill training program that’s open to all dogs.
  • AKC CGCA -Community Canine is the advanced level of CGC program.
  • AKC Trick-Do you and your dog love to be the life of the party by showing off?

Service Dog P. A. T

  • Evaluate your dog to show accommodation. 
  • Test your dog for physical endurance.
  • Test your dog for mental stability.
  • Owner abilities to encompass proper training.
  • Study & Uphold the A.D.A regulations.
  • Prepare for Public Access Test and medical response.