• Sit/ Focus
  • Down & Stay
  • Heel/ With Me
  • Come when Called
  • Leave It
  • Door/ property perimeter
  • Public Manners
  • Off Leash Control
  • ​Car Manners


  • Leash Manners
  • House training
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Proper Socialization
  • Grooming Habits
  • Dog/ Dog Aggression
  • Dog/ Human Aggression
  • New Family Members
  • Public Anxiety


  • 15 years Full Time Dog Trainer
  • 7 years veterinarian assistant
  •  IACP Professional Member
  • CCPDT Certified
  • Anim. Beh. College graduate
  • AKC CGC Evaluator
  • 2014/15 Dog Trainer of Kirkland
  • ​2016 Bus. Excellence of Kirkland
  • K9 decoy/ Kennel manager
NW Dog Pros

Ask yourself......

How long have you been ready to train yourself and your dog?

Do you want a professional trainer that offers both Private Lessons and Stay & Train programs?

Do you want a certified trainer that is diverse, understanding and has credentials?

Trainers can train dogs, but do you want someone that's good with people, too?


With NW Dog Pros......

...you will get a professional, certified trainer that lives in the immediate area of King County, WA that knows our Western Washington culture on how we love our dogs. Not only do we train your dog but we train YOU so you will know what to expect from the moment your puppy comes home or if you've had your dog for many years.



Jaclyn C. Seattle, WA writes......

Julie has a professional yet laid back personality. She is easy to be around and our dog Murphy loved her from day one. Her approach to training is straightforward and holds the owner accountable. You better do your homework or Julie will know 😉 Murphy's confidence and mine were boosted during our training. This was a great bonding experience for us and now we are able to go on family walks with no stress! Thank you Julie.

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Zoe S. - 5 Stars

I highly recommend Julie! She has done outstanding work last year with my 3 month old male dobie. The board and train option was the perfect choice to develop Bodhi into a well-mannered and confident puppy! She truly cares about both you and your pet by teaching you how to become a strong leader for your pet. As Bodhi grows up, I know I have the knowledge and tools that Julie provides to ensure his continued growth and maturity into adulthood and an important member of society! Thank you Julie!!!

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Kelly Ritting reviewed NW Dog Pros — 5 star

I cannot say enough about Julie as a person and a trainer. I was a reluctant, and perhaps not entirely polite, client and she listened to me, gave me the benefit of the doubt, and convinced me she was right.

Prior to Julie I had only used positive reinforcement methods with my dog. She did dozens of tricks, but was also so dog aggressive that I could not walk her safely without a muzzle and a harness. Even then I was a wreck walking her because she would hit the end of the leash and growl and bark and drool would fly everywhere. At home she was obedient, but nervous. Having company over was next to impossible because she would bark at people every time they moved.

Over the course of six weeks Julie turned my dog into a calm, responsive, and happier animal. We can have people in the house. I can walk her next to my baby in her stroller. She is just as loving and engaged as she was before (which was one of my concerns) but without the constant edge of fear.

Julie is a miracle worker and I cannot praise her, her methods, or her results any more highly.

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 NW Dog Pros has made not only a career but a network of friends and family in the community and afar with owners, other dog professionals and other animal professionals. Offering puppy training, behavior modification and obedience training in Kirkland, Bellevue, Woodinville and Redmond, we understand the culture and style of how owners want to be with their dogs in a pet friendly and healthy community. We know that there are no cookie cutter styles of dog training and behavior modification. So over the years, we have learned decades of hands on skills, academic skills and top-notch customer service. Julie Touray is a proud owner of multiple dogs that have received many awards in the business field, titles on her own dogs and more upcoming titles showing and working dogs.

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